As I Walk Toronto

 I love TO graffiti on a brick wall.

Heartfelt graffiti on a Toronto brick wall.

I love TO graffiti ona brick wall. a large ship, or lake freighter, is parked in the harbour beside sugar beachwhere people are sitting under pink umbrellas. an empty beach on a spring morning. a view of a residential street in the winter a Toronto alley, garbage bins, garages, the back of two houses, one very crooked, the back of a low rise apartment building, chainlink fence, fall foilage. looking across the grass of Kings College circle towards the stone buildings of University College.  The small tree in the foreground has yellow leaves on it. . two people are riding high above the camera on a zipline that runs from City Hall to the ground.  City Hall is in the background. a group of people wearing orange Tshirts pose in front of the Toronto 3D sign at Nathan Phillips Square graffiti on a concrete walll behind some young trees.   A colourful face a bas relief sculpture over the door way of a stone building, the Chang School at Tyerson University, of two men from waist up with their arms entwined.  the CN Tower is in the background, a vacant lot waiting for development is in the foreground.  Old tire and some other junk is in front of the fence surrounding the vacant lot close up of construction hoardings that have been splashed with paint and the paint has formed drips, a construction crane can be seen in ths background a couple of older storefronts on Queen Street West construction on a street in front of a building with reflecting glass, street sign says Duplex Ave, traffic waiting to go through construction area.  close up shot of the yellow arches of a bridge support against the blue sky.  a woman is sitting on a subway car when it is stopped at Union station, the door of the car is open, and this scene is reflected in the glass panels of the art on the wall at the station. an old wooden coca cola sign on the front of a store an empty parking lot with an old yello hut for the parking attendant, the far wall of the lot is concrete and has been painted with two graffiti faces a very blue fence around a construction site.  You can just see a digger through the fence.  Some red plastic ribbon is hanging from the top of the fence. reflections in the glass of a downtown office building